Youth and Teens

LGBTQ Youth: Voices of Trauma, LIves of Promise (2016) (Video)

It is a priority to strengthen the professional systems to support LGBTQ youth after sexual assault and other traumas that these youth commonly experience. This 13-minute video features five LGBTQ youth who discuss details of their own trauma experiences related to their respective LGBTQ identities, how they gained resilience, and how professionals helped them in this regard.



Preventing Acquaintance Rape: A Safety Guide For Teens (PDF)
   >¿Cómo prevenir la Violación por una Persona Conocida? Una Guía para los Jóvenes Acerca de cómo Mantenerse Seguros (PDF)

What Do I Do Now? A Survival Guide for Victims of Acquaintance Rape (PDF)
   >¿Qué Hago Ahora? Una Guía de Supervivencia para Víctimas de Violación por una Persona Conocida (PDF)

Sex? Or Sexual Abuse? (2011) (PDF)
Respect yourself — Know the different

But Who Should I Tell? (2011) (PDF)
Questions and answers about seeking help after sexual abuse

Staying Safe While Staying Connected (2010) (PDF)
Facts and tips for teens

It's Never Your Fault (2010) (PDF)
The truth about sexual abuse

Teen Sexual Assault: Information for Teens (2015) (PDF)