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This section of provides Network resources on child traumatic stress arranged by topic. Resources can also be found arranged by audience in the Audiences section of the Web site.


What is Child Traumatic Stress?
Find brief descriptions of different types of trauma and links to further resources.
Trauma Types
Find brief descriptions of different types of trauma and links to further resources.
Finding Help

Find guidance for providing support to children and adolescents, and on seeking professional mental health services.

Adolescence and Substance Abuse
Resources for mental health and substance abuse treatment providers, caregivers, and adolescents on the connections between drug and alcohol abuse and traumatic stress.
Culture and Trauma
Resources that make the case for and promote the delivery of culturally-informed services to children and families.
Economic Stress
Whether we live in urban, suburban, or rural settings, we all face the reality of how economic changes affect us, our families, and our communities. We might be laid off, not able to find a job, or have difficulty supporting our families.
Military and Veteran Familes and Children
Resources about military and veteran families for caregivers, service providers, and children.
Natural Disasters and Terrorism
Find resources on natural disasters and terrorism, including information on Readiness, Response, and Recovery for specific types of events.
Secondary Traumatic Stress
Learn about secondary traumatic stress.
Special Populations and Trauma
Find guidance from NCTSN experts on serving developmentally disabled children, children in the Deaf community, and homeless children who are survivors of trauma.
Youth and Family Partnerships
Input from youth and families, too often overlooked, can contribute greatly to the success of treatment. The resources featured here can guide mental health providers and consumers alike to develop fruitful partnerships.
Creating Trauma-Informed Systems
Find resources aimed at fostering knowledge about child trauma in a wide range of child-serving systems, including education, child welfare, juvenile justice, and law enforcement.
Child Welfare System
Find tools and materials to help child welfare administrators, caseworkers, and frontline staff understand and respond to the needs of traumatized children.
Juvenile Justice System
Find fact sheets describing trauma in the juvenile justice system, especially among girls; the impact of victimization and exposure to trauma; and the need for effective trauma-focused assessment and interventions for court-involved.
Treatments That Work
Find information about clinically sound treatments for trauma as well as a table of treatments used by NCTSN sites.
Facts and Figures
Find statistics on children's and adolescents' exposure to trauma, the prevalence of PTSD in this population and links to other data sources.
Families and Trauma
Find out how the strength of families can be a starting place for trauma services to support the family system and individual well-being, reduce stigma, and minimize risks to overall health.