Using and Citing Reviews

After you enter key search terms, the database will identify reviews that fit your criteria. The next step involves reading the reviews and determining which measure best fits your purpose. For example, if you are testing the effectiveness of an intervention in reducing PTSD symptoms, a screening measure may not best fit your study, even though it meets your other criteria. Instead, you may need a measure that is sensitive to intervention effects. Alternately, the review may suggest the measure does not have good psychometric properties with different ethnic or cultural groups. In this case, you may need to look for one that does, or examine the measure's psychometric properties with the sample with whom you are working.

To better understand whether the reviews contain accurate, up-to-date information, examine the field "Last updated." When a measure is considered, "psychometrically mature" or a "gold standard" it is likely that the information provided will be sufficient for your use. However, when a measure was under development or had little information, it will be important to conduct a literature search to examine whether there is new information about the measure published after the "last updated" date. We recommend conducting a search similar to the one described under References, and examining the articles published after or around the time of the "last updated" date.

If you use information from this database, please cite the reviews that you use in the following way (replacing all text in blue with information)

Author (Last updated). Review of Measure Name. Editors. National Child Traumatic Stress Network Measure Review Database, Retrieved Date Retrieved from Direct URL Path to the PDF of the Review or at least the link to the database.

Stover, C. (2005). Review of the Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Semi-Structured Interview and Observational Record. C. Ghosh Ippen and M. Kulkarni (Eds.) National Child Traumatic Stress Network Measure Review Database. Retrieved April 23, 2006 from