For Professionals

Can I Become a Member of the NCTSN?

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network is a federally funded network of independent grantees, not a national membership organization. The NCTSN is intended to serve as a resource on child traumatic stress for other professionals and the public.

Opportunities for organizations to apply for competitive grants to become part of the NCTSN are contingent upon the availability of funds and the discretion of SAMHSA as the funding agency. Interested centers should review the SAMHSA website regularly for announcements of new funding opportunities, through the NCTSN or related initiatives.

Key Network resources for professionals in mental health, child welfare, and other fields concerned with children and trauma include:

The Network has also developed resources of interest to school personnel, policy makers, and juvenile justice, child welfare and medical professionals.

In addition to using the materials available through this web site, professionals and the public can take advantage of the resources of the NCTSN in the following ways:
  • Establish linkages with an NCTSN center in your local community or region. See The National Network for more information about NCTSN centers in your area.
  • Subscribe to the NCTSN newsletter and join our mailing list to receive new NCTSN publications. For more information and previous issues, see our newsletter archive.