School Mental Health Provider Guidelines


The school counselor, school psychologist, and school social worker are the in-house mental health professionals of the school. One of these individuals may be identified as the leader of the crisis team and may subsequently coordinate or direct the school-based mental health recovery program to meet intermediate and long-term mental health needs of students and staff. She or he may identify additional mental health resources in the community and negotiate and oversee the overall mental health recovery program and the role of community providers in the school. He or she sets the tone for recovery, conveying concern and support for all recovery efforts and actively reducing or eliminating stigma for students who seek additional psychoeducation services about the effects of traumatic stress, loss, and grief. These mental health providers engage in active outreach to students and staff.

  • Provide support, technical assistance, and advice to the principal
  • Provide support, consultation, training, and technical assistance, as needed, to school staff
  • Provide mental health recovery information and support to parents
  • Promote staff self-care and teach adults stress-reduction techniques
  • Maintain close contact and open communication with students, staff, and parents
  • Work closely with the principal to develop and maintain the on-site mental health program
  • When authorized by the principal, serve as a liaison with community-based agencies and monitor the work of community mental health professionals providing services to students on campus