District Crisis Team Guidelines


The district crisis team is activated when the school principal determines that the crisis demands resources beyond the scope of the school-site crisis team.

The staff on the district crisis team should be identified at the beginning of each academic year and should represent the most skilled, trained, and experienced health and mental health crisis recovery personnel available to the school district.

Team members' roles include:

  • Supporting the principal and the school-site crisis team
  • Bringing calm to the school campus
  • Coordinating the community health and mental health personnel who serve the school's staff and students
  • Acting as a liaison with the superintendent's office and other central office personnel
  • Providing up-to-date information and identifying additional services that the school may need from the district
District Crisis Team Leader Tasks

  • Act as incident commander, officially convening the school-site team
  • Request additional community support when needed
  • Keep central office informed
Assistant Team Leader Tasks

  • Work with the assistant principal to assess the extent of the crisis's physical and emotional impact on the school
  • Serve as logistics coordinator and deploys district crisis team members to rooms designated for media, counseling, and parent meetings
School Counselors, School Psychologists, School Social Workers Tasks

  • Provide additional individual and group counseling and psychological first aid to students and staff
School Nurses Tasks

  • Monitor staff health problems and somatic complaints initiated by the crisis