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Alternatives for Families: a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (AF-CBT)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 - Friday, May 27, 2016
Pittsburgh, PA
Sponsoring Agency: 
University of Pittsburgh

You are invited to participate in an intensive training & year-long collaboration.

AF-CBT is an evidence based, family-centered treatment designed to address family conflict, coercion and hostility, aggression, and child physical abuse. AF-CBT teaches individual and family skills to strengthen relationships and safety routines using coordinated and structured training methods. This model seeks to help family members improve their communication and problem solving skills, help parents to effectively support and discipline their children, and help children
manage difficult emotions and respond more competently to interpersonal challenges.

A session guide and family-friendly handouts are included for training participants, as well as a 1-day advanced training session to be held approximately 6 months after the initial training session. During the consultation period, our trainer will provide detailed feedback on submitted session audio and will also be available for Q&A by e-mail. You will also get access to the trainee section of the AF-CBT website, where you can take advantage of useful features such as assessment scoring applications, extra handouts, and other helpful tools.


Practitioners or supervisors with
master’s degree in a relevant field who
work with children, adolescents, and
their caregivers.

For information or assistance, please
call (412) 246-5887. For more
information about AF-CBT, visit us
online at

The cost of this training is $1,500 per
participant. Register before April 1,
2016 for a $200 “Early Bird” discount!